Ways to troubleshoot Lexmark Error Code 1203

In the Lexmark printer display panel, if error code 1203 is appeared, resolve it to identify the error, whether it is a cartridge or hardware issue. Typically, 1203 is an error code common to almost all Lexmark printers and the steps to fix Lexmark printers are almost identical.

Reasons behind the Lexmark Error Code 1203

  • Lexmark printer Error may persist when the association between the Lexmark printer and the spooler is interrupted.
  • A similar issue will persist if any of the Lexmark ink cartridges do not respond to commands of the Printer.
  • If the container does not contain the ink to print the pages, an alert message displays on the screen.
  • Serious injury to the print head.
  • There may be a failure of the hardware components.
  • The print will stop abruptly or slow down. The output will be different.

Steps to Fix Error 1203 on Lexmark Printer

Step 1: Check whether the power is on or not and ensure that the Lexmark printer is turned on properly.

Step 2: Processing with the control panel – Lift the control panel and open the door to allow accessibility of the cartridge. You will see a fast movement in the print cartridge, which will immediately stop in the normal position. Take out the cartridges.

Step 3: Cartridge treatment – After removing the cartridge from the printer, close the access door, and then switch off the printer, and then switch it on again.

Step 4: Operator Inspection – Go to the control panel if the same issue persists or you can see a new message on the screen.

Step 5: Reinstall the cartridges

  • Reinstall the cartridges directly into the printer.
  • Place the colour cartridge precisely in the left holder, then place the black cartridge in the holder on the far right.
  • Gently press the cartridges until they fit snugly.
  • Close the entire cartridge to access the door with the control card.
  • If the error message 1203 still appears on the control panel, it is recommended that clients place one cartridge at a time.
  • With a cartridge in the vendor area, completely close the door and the control panel.
  • Look in the control panel if error 1203 that continues to appear or not.
  • If the Missing Cartridge message is displayed, the second Cartridge can then introduce the faulty process.
  • Replacing the defective cartridge is vital.

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If by following the steps, the error still occurs, you can contact us at Lexmark Pinter Support at anytime. We are having a highly skilled and trained team for the help of our clients. So feel free to reach us at anytime.

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