Steps To Fix Problem Of Connecting to the Server HP Printer Error

Some HP printers enable users to use web-connected services of printing. However, some users of HP printer have said that there was an issue connecting to the server error arises when they try to scan emails.

The printer does not connect to Web Services when that error arises. These are just a few fixes that might solve the problem of connecting to the server HP printer for some users.

Steps to perform if the HP printer would not connect to the server?

  • Check the Connection of the Printer

Firstly, check that the HP printer is certainly connected to the Web Services of HP. Note that HP printers cannot connect to Web Services when plugged in with a cable. Customers can check the connection status of the printer by opening a Wireless Network or the menu of Settings on its clear LCD display.

Then customers should see a solid, blue wireless icon light that highlights an HP printer is connected. Users will require to connect the HP printer with Web Services if they cannot see that light.

  • Restart the Router, Printer, and PC

a. Restarting the printer, router, and computer system can solve connectivity problems. First, turn off and unplug the WiFi router.

b. Then switch off the printer.

c. Shut down the computer system or laptop.

d. Plug the WiFi router back in, and turn it on.

e. Turn the HP printer back on.

d. Then boot up the computer system or laptop.

  • Turn on Web Services From the Embedded HP Printer Web Server Webpage

Some customers might require to turn on Web Services through the Embedded Web Server page to fix the There was an issue connecting to the error of the server. To do that, customers will first require to print a Network Configuration Page from Network Settings, a Setup, or Wireless menu on their LCD display of the printer. Customers can check their manuals of the printer for more specific details and information on how to print a Network Configuration setup Page. Then follow the guidelines on our website when you have printed that particular page.

  • Adjust the Settings of DNS for the HP Printer

Some customers have confirmed they have fixed server connection errors by changing the server of DNS for the HP printer to IP address of Google.

To do that, open the Embedded Web Server page as mentioned above. Then click on Wireless settings on the left of the tab of the Network. Select the IPv4 tab, enter IP address as the first DNS there, and click on the Apply button. Then customers have configured the printer to utilize DNS of Google instead of the DNS server of the router.

  • Update the Firmware of HP Printer

a. Latest firmware updates for some particular printers might also fix the problem of connecting to the server error. To update the firmware of the HP printer, open the webpage of HP Customer Support.

b. Click Printer on the Customer Support page of HP to open a search box.

c. Enter your HP printer model number in the search box, and click on the Submit button.

d. Then scroll down below and click Firmware on the page of the printer.

e. Click Download to save the firmware update of HP printer.

f. Then click the downloaded file of the firmware to open the window of HP Printer Update. Note that the HP printer should be on when updating its firmware.

g. Select the checkbox for the serial number of HP printer.

h. Then finally press the Update button.

If you have any query regarding the HP printer then you can contact HP printer support or HP printer customer support. You can also dial HP printer support number which is easily available on our website.

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