Steps To Fix Brother Printer Error Code 46

Do you see Brother Printer Error code 46 i.e. Unable to Clean, on your screen of Brother Printer? Your printer machine must be quite old enough as the error code implies that the absorber pad of the ink is quite full and you need to immediately replace it. The ink absorber pad accommodates liquid and dried ink after it purges from the print head. The ink absorber pad is designed to carry enough amount of ink throughout the expected life of the printer machine. But sometimes it gets full depending on the multiple numbers of times the print head is completely cleaned. For further information on Brother printers, you can dial the Brother printer support number on our website. Here are some of the situations when the head of the printer cleans itself automatically:-

  1. When the Brother printer machine performs the initial purge.
  2. You completely power off the machine when it is not being used. When you turn it on, a complete cycle of cleaning will start running.
  3. The head of the print is cleaned automatically before the first print after the paper jam is being resolved.
  4. If the print head is not properly capped, the Brother printer machine will run an automatic cleaning.
  5. If you replace the ink cartridge that is empty when the printer is completely off, a print head auto-clean will run when you basically power it on.
  6. If the Brother printer machine is power on without any use for approximately 45 days, the print head will be cleaned automatically.

In Brother Printer Machine error code 46, dismantle the printer machine, replace the ink absorber pad and re-assemble the printer machine. After this, you require to reset the purge counter to absolutely zero. Follow the below steps:

  1. Enter into the mode of Machine Maintenance. Work carefully in this particular mode without corrupting the settings that are quite critical.
  2. FAX models with several numerical keypads: Press these particular keys within just 2 seconds. If you cannot, press the Stop key and then try again.
  3. Models of Non-FAX: Press the Black Start keys and the Menu or Set. Now press the keys of up arrow 4 times for entering the mode of maintenance.
  4. Press 8 key and then key 0 (that is function code 80) in the initial stage of the mode of maintenance. This will get the log information list of the machine.
  5. Press the Black Start key several times to move through the list of log information and reach the purge counter.
  6. Press 2, 7, 8 and 3 respective keys strictly in a similar order. This will reset the purge counter to zero.
  7. Press Stop or Exit key to return to the maintenance mode initial stage.
  8. Press the 9 key two times and return to the state of standby.

If you have any query regarding the Brother printer, then you can contact the Brother printer support or the Brother printer customer support that is available on our website.

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